Cells River Trip

18-19th April 2015!

Hosted by TC and Faye!IMG_7271

Convoy                                                                           TC and Faye challenger                                             Bev prado                                                                     Grant and his mrs patrol                                           Mark and Liz troopie                                                 Glenn and Clarissa patrol                                     Lachlan and his mrs patrol                                       Chilly discovery

As we didn’t fancy waking up early we decided to stay at a B&B ten minutes away from Gloucester. To our understanding the meeting point was in the car park ( “the carpark in the centre of town!”) it just so happens that Gloucester has ” several car parks in the centre of town!” You do the math, we were late! Continue reading Cells River Trip

Driver Training-Stage 2 – again! 21st March 2015

We decided to head up on the Saturday morning for Maria’s training in the Stage 2 DTU.  Leaving home just before 6am, refueling both ourselves and the truck, we headed out to We-Leaser, Dungog.

The DTU Team consisted of Neale, Bob, Steve, Lachlan and Bev.  Like in past written reports, a big thanks goes out the team, who do share the responsiblity of training, but without the services of these individuals, each month for a period of 3 years, the club training and trips would not be possible.  So THANK YOU! Continue reading Driver Training-Stage 2 – again! 21st March 2015

Driver Training-Stage 2 on 7-8th February

After a long week at work, we packed up the truck and headed off for the We-Leaser to be ready for our driver training starting Saturday at 8.30 am.  Greeted by Bob and Monica and the fellow DTU guys, Neil, Steve, Troy and Simon. This team was bravely backed up by Bev, Tappy and Cheryl.  Accolades have to be given to these members who tirelessly give up their weekend to assist others in developing their skill and competency in developing their 4×4 driving and recovery techniques. Continue reading Driver Training-Stage 2 on 7-8th February

Point Plomer Beach Weekend

Friday 13 Feb to Sunday 15 Feb 2015

The short version is – if you weren’t there, you should have been.  You missed a great trip to a beautiful location.

Friday was an early start for some (5.30am departure for us) to get to the Pt Macquarie Service Centre McDonalds.  A quick coffee heart starter then off to ARB for beach permits.  We were given dire warnings by ARB staff of fines for not displaying permit stickers before they promptly ran out of stickers to issue. Continue reading Point Plomer Beach Weekend

Wheels of Fire Trip Jan 2015

Friday of the Australia Day long weekend we travelled down to Braidwood with Auntie Bev and met up with Brad and Sue Moore at Berlang Campground (by Big Hole).  We had a pleasant evening and in the morning drove back into Braidwood to meet the rest of the crew. Braidwood’s a great little town and because we weren’t meeting till late morning we had chance to wander the market in the town park and peruse the shops and cafes.  I know Braidwood bakery is supposed to have a bit of a good reputation but it’s over rated in my opinion; there are shorter queues and better service to be had at the many other cafes.

Enough of that waffle. Why is this trip report called “Wheels of Fire” you ask?  Well I’ll tell you. Continue reading Wheels of Fire Trip Jan 2015

Yetholme to Bathurst via Hill End Jan 2015

Meeting point was at the Yetholme Caltex at 9am. After the initial meet and greet we then  headed across the road and pretty much straight into the first track that was a bit dusty, after a short time we came to Mount Ovens trig a lookout  facing west out over Bathurst and Mount Panorama, (very scenic). We then came to a steep hill descent that was fun to drive, but not so for the passenger, I did have my eyes closed for some of it though. Continue reading Yetholme to Bathurst via Hill End Jan 2015

Ourimbah Day Trip Dec 2014

The day didn’t get off to a good start for us, with Glenn leaving his wallet at home. A quick change of drivers, and Clarissa headed home to pick it up while I grabbed a couple of coffees and some breakfast at a nice little café at Pennant Hills. We also took the opportunity to text TC and let him know that we might be a few minutes late. Before we knew it we were back on the road and up to the Coast to meet up with everybody at Palmdale. With us arriving right on 8:30, we wandered over and said our hellos. It was about that point that TC asked, with a big cheeky grin, if we wanted to do the written or verbal trip report. Grumbling something under my breath, I graciously offered to do the written report – so here we are. Continue reading Ourimbah Day Trip Dec 2014