Pee Bee breaks Free

I’ve been with the 4WD Club for 4 years now and every monthly meeting I see the piston broke trophy get handed out to some poor unfortunate member who unfortunately either damaged their vehicle or it required the most repairs over the preceding period since the last general meeting. I guess sooner or later your time comes up and last month was mine.

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DTU STAGE 2 8/11/2014

Grant Hampson – Hilux
Judy Reeds – Prado
Steve Grant – Patrol
Sue Pomare – Land Cruiser
Ray King – Hilux
Bob Montgomery – Head Instructor
Simon Newton
Steve Pomare
Neale Simpson
Troy Bennett
Shane “Tappy” Tapscott
Friday, and it’s off to the We-leaser for Stage 2 Driver Awareness with me driving and Cat observing.
This was to be our first time visiting the lease, so it was with much anticipation that we set off for the weekend. We arrived around 4.30pm and were amazed with the whole area, what a great asset this place is.
We set up camp in a nice shady spot and, were ready just in time for Happy Hour (great timing on our part or did the party not start until we got there)? Some dinner in “The Café”, a couple of quiet beverages around the campfire and then it was off to bed to be fresh for a big Saturday.
After an 8.00am start and the paperwork filled out, Neil gave us an orientation/induction to the Weleaser and then we were into the first segment of the day which included pre departure checks, performing a safe and easy wheel change, etc.DSC_0082
Morning tea and then stall starts and snatch strap recoveries were performed before it was time for lunch after which we would head off on our drive. All that we had learned during the morning was put into practice out on the tracks. We drove down a very narrow track to a river and were instructed in the safe procedure for crossing with a graphic example why you should walk a crossing before you attempt to drive it. Water that only looked about 300mm deep from the surface turned out to be around 800mm deep on further inspection ( thanks to Grant who volunteered to walk the crossing). Luckily we had another option and all crossed safely.
We were out on the tracks for approx 4 hrs and then we all went back to camp for a Q & A session while Monica, Bev and crew prepared our BBQ dinner (thanks to all those who helped out, it was delicious and most welcome).DSC_0062
Just before dark Bob got us organised for our night drive, nothing too challenging on this drive, but a good introduction to night driving on 4wd tracks, something I had never done before and really enjoyed.. We got back to camp to be welcomed with a raging campfire and some great company where
Cat proceeded to give away all the caramel slice that I thought was just for me…nooooooo!!
A leisurely pack up Sunday morning and we headed home about 10am.
We had a fantastic time and at all times felt safe and in control due to the excellent instruction by all the trainers. The whole weekend was run in a relaxed and jovial manner, but at all times with an emphasis on safety, clear communications and teamwork. The lease is an awesome asset for the club and is a place we will be making good use of in the future!!
On behalf of all the participants I would like to thank all the trainers, helpers and everyone else that was there that made this a very enjoyable weekend.


Weston Wollemi Trip

12th –16th November 2014

Trip leaders:   John and Helen Smyth                Toyota Prado


Ian and Kathy Mellross         Colorado

Natalie Duncan                       Toyota Hilux

Max and Helen Eddie            Landcruiser

Poul Wergeltoft and Grace    Toyota Hilux

Allan and Beryl Howard          Toyota Prado

Wayne and Susan Prendergast    Pajero

Tony Clark                                  Challenger

Dave and Sandy Austin             Toyota Prado

Six vehicles met at Freeman’s Waterhole, most on time or ½ hour early, me I was 5 – 10 minutes late, hence I am writing this trip report. We left about 8.20am in convoy and headed for Sandy Hollow rest area for morning tea, then onto Rylstone for lunch, followed by a 25km drive out to Dunns Swamp to set up camp.Some of the local scenery (1)

The name may not appeal to some but that is what it was called long before a dam was built to provide water for Kandos Cement in the 1920’s. It is a beautiful national Park campsite with pit toilets and no showers, but most of us provided our own. The water in the dam (swamp) was clean and clear but should be boiled before drinking; almost all brought our own drinking water. After pitching tents we went on a short walk to get an idea of the lay of the land and have a look at the unusual rock formations called Pogodas. We had tea followed by a campfire where we were given a talk by John who once worked in the area as a school teacher and had a good Knowledge of the surrounds and history. After saying goodnight to everyone it was off to bed only to be woken by noisey possums but no real damage.

Thursday morning saw most of us (not me) go on a short walk to the long cave and Kandos Weir, the dam wall on the Cudgegong River. It was a warm day 34 degrees so it was paddling with kayaks up stream about 1 ½ kms then downstream 2 kms to the dam wall. There was a lot of swimming during the day in the cool water. For me the highlight of the day was the sighting and close contact (2.3mts) with a Musk Duck. I have travelled twice around Australia and never once have I seen or heard about this unusual duck with its short fan like tail and distinct jowl under its beak. The locals referred to it as a platypus duck.The Dunns Swamp Musk Duck (2)

Friday morning there was a walk to Pogoda Lookout, more kayaking and swimming in the very warm day of 38 degrees. We had a visit by the National Park people who informed us and put up signs about the total fire ban in the park area, so ended the camp in the evening, but was completely understandable. We played a game from Finland called Finsla introduced by John and Helen Smyth.

It was decided to divide into two teams, boys verses girls. Without watching the game it would be too difficult for me to describe here but anyway the boys 1

Saturday morning promised to be a warm 37 degrees, so it was off early to Ferntree Gully, a 45km drive on bitumen from the campsite. The gully is something like a rain forest in a depression but unfortunately was very dry, not much rain lately. After testing out several walks by different groups we compared them to each other and then headed back to Rylstone for an early lunch at the pub.

The fire ban was still on, so more kayaking and swimming followed by a return match of Finsla where the girls won this time. After eating tea we all assembled around our make believe campfire and attempted to answer a written quiz set out by our Maths Master leader. Ian Mellross was declared the winner, (teacher’s pet) he did the least arguing with the adjudicator on any of the answers.

Sunday morning saw a bit of light rain start at about 7.30am, it stopped after Tony did an anti-rain dance, so we packed up and decamped around 12 noon. It was decided to ring the property owner who had given permission to go over his road for the 4wd part of this trip and get some insight on the conditions of the track after the rain. This was relayed back to us, as just enough to settle the dust so it was up and over Nullo Mountain to Bushrangers Cave for the six vehicles taking part. Inside the cave was Aboriginal drawings and a beautiful impression of a black horse, not sure if it was a drawing or painting but as the story goes it was once stolen. Captain Starlight and the Lady Bushranger have reportedly once been occupants of the cave.10425104_10203782523855815_4743291639996372280_n

We unfortunately had a few delays on this part of the trip when we sighted a kangaroo with a badly broken leg. John returned to the property owner’s residence to inform his of its condition and location. The other one was when Rodger became entangled with a gate lock when acting as Tail End Charlie He was soon mobile again after some very quick first aid work by Helen Smyth.

The next stop was at Sandy Camp Hut, a summer camp originally built by early pioneer pastoralists. We then travelled on up and down steep hill side narrow roads, where we were passed by a group of motorbikes. We were expecting them to come from the opposite direction. Our next stop was Keith’s Lookout. A truly panoramic view over the steep hill sides.

Compressors were brought out and we aired up as we approached Widden Valley with its horse studs. This area would have been much more spectacular with a bit more rain needed to make it a lot more greener, but still very interesting.

ISome of the local scenery (27) Aboriginal paintings in cave 10421610_10203782513655560_4274978365026870179_n

It was decided over the CB by those not in a hurry to have a bite at Denman. All present said it was a great couple of days and would do it again. Thanks again John and Helen for putting in a lot of effort to give us all a wonderful experience we will never forget.

Max Eadie

Trip Report – Timor to Woko

(Also known as Timor to Barrington Tops near Woko)

1-2 November 2014


  • Tony Clarke and Faye Goodman – Trip Leaders – Mitsubishi Challenger
  • Bev Fort – “The Lady Wears Prado”
  • Linda and Brian Payne – 100 Series
  • Alan Bull – Nissan GQ
  • Ken and Yvonne McDonald – Prado
  • Sue Maginnity and Cherrie Pandich – Prado
  • Deirdre Mudge – Suzuki Jimmny
  • Narelle and Marija Glabus – Nissan Navara
  • Adam and Riley Walters – “They Bought a Jeep”
  • Troy and Andrew Bennett – 80 Series
  • Shane Tapscott – Tappy – Hilux Ute
  • Grant and Tui Hampson and family – Hilux
  • Bob and Monica – FJ Cruiser

It started with a txt  “I know its short notice, but we’ve had a cancellation on our trip and you are on the reserve list; if you’re interested be at Macca’s at Scone at 9.30am tomorrow morning” sent from TC on Friday morning.  Since Bob had cancelled his Watagan’s B Grade day trip on Saturday due to the forecast heatwave and storm warning, a pleasant day cruising around Barrington Tops in air conditioned comfort sounded very tempting.  So, a quick pack up and an early start on Saturday morning saw us at Macca’s in Scone by 8.15am (and already 27 degrees).

After brekkie, introductions and pre-trip chat, we set off from Scone shortly after 9am, heading to the small town of Gundy, passing the interestingly named “Linga Longa Inn” (no lingering for us, unfortunately, as we had places to go) we pulled over near the general store to air down, whilst the local area Polo Meet was in full swing (no pun intended) at the showground behind us.

We crossed the Pages and Isis rivers and travelled through green rolling hills and pretty villages such as Moonan Flat, passing the turn off to Timor Caves, and heading toward Gloucester.  The drive took us past a very well maintained equestrian property owned by the Packer family, gradually climbing through beautiful scenery, with the Nundle plateau vista visible in the distance.  Parts of the drive passed through vast stands of Black Boy; I have never seen so many of them in one place.Grant Hampson_Karuah River_01Nov14_Compressed

Morning tea was a pleasant spot just off the side of the track, under some shady trees, and then we headed into Barrington Tops, towards Gummi Falls, stopping at Gummi campground to check out the Manning River – a pretty little spot; a few brave souls had a quick dip (I being less brave merely dipped a toe!). Continuing on, we looped around the north western side of the Barrington Tops, and descended Watergauge Track to a pretty little campsite on the side of the Manning River, surrounded by Broome in full glorious yellow bloom (yes I know it’s a weed, but it is pretty!), where we stopped for lunch and another swim (or in my case, the dipping of both toes, and the acquisition of a couple of leeches).  The river was flowing well, and the old water gauge, after which the campsite was named, is still there, albeit in somewhat dilapidated condition (as are the facilities – definitely a loo with a view).

Timo trip 3

From here, the trip was originally planned to head into Woko NP, but bush fires resulted in a change of plan, and we headed to Polblue campground instead.  This is a large, well maintained site, high in the Barrington Tops, overlooking the Polblue Swamp, which has an easily accessible walking track (approx 45 minutes to walk the full loop track).  The temperatures had dropped and the wind picked up by the time we made camp; wary of the predicted storms, everyone had their tents ‘back to the wind’ and well pegged down; guy ropes everywhere.  The campground has a large stone shelter that is great in such conditions, and would be even better if a fire could be lit in the hearth; however, total fire ban meant that was not an option.

Never the less we had a fine selection of drinks and nibbles for happy hour, and the early tea and bed as most of us had been awake since around 4am, and it was getting chilly.  Just after retiring to bed the rains arrived, beating down on our tents as we snuggled down to sleep.

The next morning was sunny, although a little chilly.  After breaking camp Faye and I had a quick walk, before we had to leave.  We headed down through the spectacular Rawdon Vale, taking a stunning little known track with amazing views (check out the photos on the club facebook page) that is used as a flood bypass route by locals, to reach Gloucester Tops, where we had a morning tea stop at the Gloucester River Campgrounds.  From here we drove towards Dungog, with several fords to cross we tried to see who could get water on the roof, and eventually descended towards Dungog on Terrible Billy Road.  An interesting, tricky little river crossing provided a challenge to be negotiated before lunch.

Timo Trip

Timo Trip 6

TC pulled out all the stops with the lunch time entertainment on this trip, providing a motorcycle stunt rider to demonstrate what happens when launching a motorcycle at the largest rock in the middle of the river.  Adam and Tappy thought it was real and dived in to the rescue the poor chap and his bike.  Top entertainment TC!

The trip then headed to the We Leaser, so that we could introduce the new club members to the excellent facilities at the Club Lease, before we aired up, said our goodbyes and headed home. Timo trip 5

An awesome trip, with a lot of last minute changes of plan due to the unpredictable weather and bush fires – great job TC and Faye J

Trip Report by Monica and Bob (FJ Cruiser)


We arrived at the lease on Wednesday afternoon, the weather was hot. Thursday and Friday we spend most of the day at Fosterton River.

I would like to say thanks to everyone for their help on the day and the members who did things at We- leaser before the weekend. All the big kids and little kids had a great day. The weather was good a bit hot. The kid’s had great fun on the flying fox, Piñata, Guessing competition, Water slide, Lolly hunt and more. The little kids had fun on the jumping castle. The kids had snow cones, fairy floss and pop corn through the day. Everyone enjoyed a hot dog for lunch.  Santa arrived on the fire truck with his elves the kids where very happy to see Santa. We had nibbles on the lawn at happy hour. The kid’s big and little kids had heaps of fun with the water guns no-one was dry. The big and little kids had a great time on the water slide. We all had a BBQ for dinner, ham, steak, chicken and salads and dessert too. The kids played with glow sticks and the adults sat around talking and having a great time. Continue reading THE CLUB’S CHRISTMAS PARTY 2014 AT DUNGOG

Mt Walker trip report 4th – 6th October 2014

First of all I would like to acknowledge the work that Trevor Whittington put into the organising of this trip and was unfortunately unable to attend due to ill health. Also, thanks to Brian, who gladly accepted Trevor’s request that he lead the trip on Trevor’s behalf and did a great job at short notice.

Cat and I rolled out of the Central Coast on Friday to embark on our first camping trip with the club and decided to take the scenic route through Wisemans Ferry, (a bit longer, but a much nicer drive and we had all day to get there so why rush). Continue reading Mt Walker trip report 4th – 6th October 2014

Journey to Gondwana (Monga National Park near Braidwood)

We’d been looking forward to this trip away for some time, knowing what great trips Tony and Faye put on – and it was a long weekend to boot! It was a gorgeous morning as we met up at the McDonalds at Sutton Forrest around 8:00 am, with the usual early morning greetings and breakfast of assorted Macca’s fare. True to form, there is always a little twist with TC and Faye’s trips. Everyone was handed a little dinosaur to complete the “Gondwana” experience. Our Triceratops took pride of place in the centre console of the Patrol, coming out for the occasional photo opportunity during the trip. Continue reading Journey to Gondwana (Monga National Park near Braidwood)

Trivia Night held for Ben

Young Ben being presented with a cheque by President Shane for $995.00 from the Central Coast 4wd Club at a Trivia night held for Ben last month, also $100.00 was donated back by the winning trivia team (The Goat Herders) in total over $5,000.00 was raised to help Ben where needed. A great night was had by all who attended. Ben is a grandson of one of our club memebers who was involvded in a car accident. This is just some of the charity work that the club is involved in every year, we love helping out where we can.

Ben with the cheque

Nundle State Forest Trip Report

Whose idea was it to start so early?  An early start it was for some, leaving at 5.00am to make our way to Scone.

Finally we arrived for that much needed caffeine hit or in my case a hot chocolate fix. Maybe it’s a 4×4 urban myth that the trip leader provides breakfast? No such luck!  Maybe next time?  On the road again, the 15 cars number off as we head out of Scone to Nundle via Crawney Pass. You will hear and read this statement over and over again in this report but the scenery was beautiful. Particularly as we passed the most amazing grove of Black Boy Grasses totally enveloping a mountainous slope. This display was the largest clump anyone on the trip had seen in any one place. We passed through the extensive equine property Kitchwin Hills. Time for morning tea- slices, and the much needed sugar fix. Continue reading Nundle State Forest Trip Report