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Reports on trips that the club has run.

Devine’s Hill and the Great North Road Report

Sat 27th to Sun 28th June 2015


Bob & Monica – FJ

Sue & Chery – Prado

Bev – Prado

Steve & Tracey – Mitsubishi

Peter & Jack + Mia, Mikala, Chloe – Colorado

Sheryl & Trevor – Patrol

We started the day with breakfast and coffee at the Mangrove store – the meeting place for this trip. Monica gave a quick overview of the weekend ahead then we set off to begin our exploration of the convict history along the Great North Road.

The convoy meandered its way along the banks of the Hawkesbury River on Wisemans Ferry Road. An awesome sight of possibly 100 or more racing boats distracted us all coming up the river towards us, and we nearly missed the turn into the Mill Creek picnic area for morning tea. We all stopped to watch this spectacular sight. Over morning tea Monica shared brochures and maps of the Yengo National Park, an area packed with history and right on our door step. Continue reading Devine’s Hill and the Great North Road Report

California Dreaming – Again…. July 2015

Trip participants were

Tony and Faye Lachy Thomas and Amber Evans
Paul and Madeline Cook and Saxson Brian Payne
Ivan Pora and Caleb John Bryce and Helen Tanner
Jason Harmer Glenn and Clarissa
Scott Horne Bob Luxford
Danny De La Paz John and Helen Smythe and special guests Loretta and Helena (They left their bicycles at home this time!)
Bev Forte

Clarissa and I left home from Sydney around 6:00am on a chilly July morning, with Clarissa dressed in layers of clothing plus a beanie to protect her from the certain blizzard to come (Clarissa doesn’t like the cold). The trip north was pretty event free, with the inevitable stop at Maccas on Pennant Hills Road. We don’t usually do the Maccas thing, but I had a craving for a bacon and egg muffin (a decision I would come to regret later).

As we drove up the M1 (aka F3) through Peats Ridge and Somersby, the sun started to rise over the horizon. The morning fog and low cloud combined with the sun rising lead to some spectacular views during our early morning drive.

We pulled in to Wollombi around 8:00am and met up with Jason, who had beaten us there. Over the next half hour the rest of the crew rolled in to town. Once everyone was assembled TC started his pre-trip briefing. Continue reading California Dreaming – Again…. July 2015



Ken and Yvonne                                Prado       (Trip Leader)                                                     Dave and Heather Brown               Landcruiser                                                                              Gary Hutchison                                Triton                                                                                              Jim and Robyn Collis                      Prado                                                                                           Bjorn and Amanda  Alexanderson                Nissan Patrol                                                             Simon and Cheryl Newton                            Mazda BT 50                                                             David, Alison, Luke and  Timothy Wallace.   Nissan Patrol                                                            Roger Carrodis                                   HiLux                                                                                            Bev Fort                                               Prado                                                                                     Scott Horne                                         Rodeo                                                                                    Pete Glendenning and Bev Hockley            Landcruiser                                                                 John Bryce and Helen Tanner                      Prado                                                                        David Brownlee and Violet                            Landcruiser                                                                  Pete Robinson                                                  Colorado 7

Saturday the 20th of June saw 14 vehicles meet up at our starting point at Wattaka Rest area on the Newcastle Hunter Link Freeway at 9am. This was my first big trip with the club so I didn’t want to be late, but I ended up second last so I already knew my fate of a trip report. It was good to meet some of the faces that I had regularly seen at meetings and a great way to get to know everyone, as we were all about to spend a few days together. The last vehicle arrived so after being checked in, Ken gave a briefing on our trip that lay ahead.

This was a large convoy of vehicles but well managed by Ken and Yvonne. We finally moved off and after a radio check, we motored down the freeway. All with caravans except for Roger, who opted to tent it. It was a beautiful day for the journey. A short distance down the freeway, about half a dozen old GTHO Falcons overtook our convoy, more than likely on a club trip themselves. There was a bit of talk over our UHF radio to identify if they were authentic GTHO’s or Falcons with the badges on them. Either way, beautiful old cars that had been well looked after and restored. Continue reading WINDEYER WINTER WANDER

Cells river Trip Report

18-19th April 2015!

Hosted by TC and Faye!

Convoy                                                                                                                                                       TC and Faye challenger                                                                                                                           Bev prado                                                                                                                                             Grant and his mrs patrol                                                                                                                 Mark and Liz troopie                                                                                                                     Glenn and Clarissa patrol                                                                                                             Lachlan and his mrs patrol                                                                                                               Chilly discovery

As we didn’t fancy waking up early we decided to stay at a B&B ten minutes away from Gloucester. To our understanding the meeting point was in the car park ( “the carpark in the centre of town!”) it just so happens that Gloucester has ” several car parks in the centre of town!” You do the math, we were late!

After a brief chat and convoy positions sorted (Land Rover bringing up the rear!) we were off, and headed towards bakers creek and blue knob lookout. The weather which didn’t seem so promising ended up PERFECT!!!  With amazing views from blue knob lookout, from the fire tower all the way out to the ocean. Continue reading Cells river Trip Report

ZIG Zag to Ben Bullen Trip Report

20th 21st June 2015

  Lachy Tomas      Trip Leader                                            20150620-20-06-2015-2    Jack Cobbold                                                                                  Matt Corp & Mate Dave                                                                Paul Cook & Son                                                                              Bob Montgomery                                                                            Marija & Narelle                                                                            Steve Constable & mate                                                             Tony Clarke                                                                                      Greg Middleton & 2 Kids                                                              Diedrie Mudge

I’d read that the Zig Zag Railway had been burnt down during the October 2013 bush fires that ravished the area, well image my surprise when I pulled up early Saturday morning to find that wasn’t the case, the top station at Clarence is intact complete with an open loo block; what was destroyed was the depot shed, offices, storage area along with some of the rolling stock, let’s hope there’s a future for this great little railway. Continue reading ZIG Zag to Ben Bullen Trip Report

Dinosaur Trial

23rd May 2015 – 23rd Jun 2015

What was potentially a convoy of 3 was reduced to a convoy of just 1 (us). This setback had a positive side…..we were able to change our itinerary from 3 weeks to 4 weeks and extend our trip further north to include the Undara Lava Tubes and then return via Carnarvon Gorge.

The countryside was wet and green until halfway between Nyngan and Bourke when the extent of the current drought started to show. Almost until the furthest northerly point of our trip, the landscape can only be described as brown, dry and desolate. Continue reading Dinosaur Trial

DTU Stage 2

16th – 17th May 2015

PARTICIPANTS:                                                     IMG_2470      Dave Edwards – Prado                                                     Sue Robinson – Prado                                                       Joanne Love –Mazda BT50                                             Jackie Cobbald – Nissan Patrol                                 Adrian Newman – Landcruiser                                     Graham Tweedie – Hilux

I thought I’d get an early start for Saturday morning and drive up Friday night but so did everyone else and I was still the last to arrive after somehow losing the way through Paterson and going the long round! I did finally arrive about 9pm and set up camp – in the rain (ably assisted by my wife Michelle who was along for the ride and “observing”).   Continue reading DTU Stage 2

DTU Stage 1

14th June 2015

 Participants                                                                                                                                    Mark Furniss                                                                                                                                     Elizabeth Rudd                                                                                                                                     Richard Lock & Teresa Lock                                                                                                         Sophie Knox                                                                                                                                       Paul Cook                                                                                                                                           Sergiu Lisnic                                                                                                                                     Frank Adams                                                                                                                                 Wayne Prendergast

On a cold Sunday morning I set out to do my first ever 4WD course at Cooranbong Community Services Centre. The night before I had been sleeping in a tent at my son’s scout camp at Camp Kariong so it was with great trepidation I attended the course. I arrived early and was greeted by the presenters setting up for the theory part of the day. Continue reading DTU Stage 1

Oulla Creek/Bendethera and Wadbilliga

Mid Week Trip Report

                                                       28th April to 3rd May, 2015


  • Tony Clarke – Trip Leader – Mitsubishi Challenger
  • Bev Fort – “The Lady Wears Prado”
  • Alan Bull – Nissan GQ
  • Bob and Monica – FJ Cruiser

I was looking forward to this trip, having bagged a week of work at short notice, and always having been envious that Bob, being self employed, could give himself time off to go enjoy mid week jaunts, without the usual hordes generally encountered on the tracks and at campsites on the weekends.

We packed the car the day before and headed off bright and early.  We had a good run, and had plenty of time to fuel up and run a few errands on arrival at Braidwood. First stop, the butcher for a ‘leg o lamb’ as I was planning a camp oven roast one night.  Next stop, the bakery for coffee and a bun, and meet up with the rest of the crew.  Bev soon joined us, followed by TC, and then we headed off to join Al, and depart on our mid week jaunt. Continue reading Oulla Creek/Bendethera and Wadbilliga

Gibraltar Rocks Trip

Well, Scott and I decided to save ourselves a very early rise and headed off to the Blue Mountains on Friday afternoon instead of Saturday morning. We stayed at the Clarendon Hotel in Katoomba which is like taking a step back in time. The décor and feel of the place, down to an open fire in the lounge with lots of board games and old books, was like being on the set of a 1950’s movie. The service was friendly, the location quiet and the accommodation basic but clean. There were plenty of eateries within walking distance and we braved the Brass Monkey weather and settled on Ruby’s restaurant, reasonably priced and quiet but most importantly, warmer than it was outside. Continue reading Gibraltar Rocks Trip