DTU STAGE 2 8/11/2014

Grant Hampson – Hilux
Judy Reeds – Prado
Steve Grant – Patrol
Sue Pomare – Land Cruiser
Ray King – Hilux
Bob Montgomery – Head Instructor
Simon Newton
Steve Pomare
Neale Simpson
Troy Bennett
Shane “Tappy” Tapscott
Friday, and it’s off to the We-leaser for Stage 2 Driver Awareness with me driving and Cat observing.
This was to be our first time visiting the lease, so it was with much anticipation that we set off for the weekend. We arrived around 4.30pm and were amazed with the whole area, what a great asset this place is.
We set up camp in a nice shady spot and, were ready just in time for Happy Hour (great timing on our part or did the party not start until we got there)? Some dinner in “The Café”, a couple of quiet beverages around the campfire and then it was off to bed to be fresh for a big Saturday.
After an 8.00am start and the paperwork filled out, Neil gave us an orientation/induction to the Weleaser and then we were into the first segment of the day which included pre departure checks, performing a safe and easy wheel change, etc.DSC_0082
Morning tea and then stall starts and snatch strap recoveries were performed before it was time for lunch after which we would head off on our drive. All that we had learned during the morning was put into practice out on the tracks. We drove down a very narrow track to a river and were instructed in the safe procedure for crossing with a graphic example why you should walk a crossing before you attempt to drive it. Water that only looked about 300mm deep from the surface turned out to be around 800mm deep on further inspection ( thanks to Grant who volunteered to walk the crossing). Luckily we had another option and all crossed safely.
We were out on the tracks for approx 4 hrs and then we all went back to camp for a Q & A session while Monica, Bev and crew prepared our BBQ dinner (thanks to all those who helped out, it was delicious and most welcome).DSC_0062
Just before dark Bob got us organised for our night drive, nothing too challenging on this drive, but a good introduction to night driving on 4wd tracks, something I had never done before and really enjoyed.. We got back to camp to be welcomed with a raging campfire and some great company where
Cat proceeded to give away all the caramel slice that I thought was just for me…nooooooo!!
A leisurely pack up Sunday morning and we headed home about 10am.
We had a fantastic time and at all times felt safe and in control due to the excellent instruction by all the trainers. The whole weekend was run in a relaxed and jovial manner, but at all times with an emphasis on safety, clear communications and teamwork. The lease is an awesome asset for the club and is a place we will be making good use of in the future!!
On behalf of all the participants I would like to thank all the trainers, helpers and everyone else that was there that made this a very enjoyable weekend.