General Meeting 13th August “Zoom meeting“

Zoom meetings are free and you can join from your computer, phone, IPad or other tablet.
If you are joining by phone you will need to get the Zoom app before you can join a Zoom
• For iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store.
• For other phones or tablets, go to the Google Play Store
The app you need is called “Zoom Cloud Meetings. “
Once you have the app, click on the meeting link below to join a meeting.
If you are joining from your computer, you can just click on the meeting link below and follow
the instructions on your screen.
(link in August Magazine)
Meeting ID 859 9471 9079
Password general1
If you have any questions or need any help setting up, please phone Faye on 0423 008 628 and
she will step you through the process