Great news – We-leas-er is open!

Hello everyone,

the committee has some exciting news just in time for the long weekend!

With camping grounds in state forests now being opened, we feel comfortable that we can remove the restriction on numbers at We-leas-er. We do however, have to adhere to a lot of rules, including the creation of a Covid safety plan, creation of policy documents and some changes at the lease. I’ve attached the detailed documents, but here’s a summary

  • Don’t go to the lease if you are unwell or have returned from overseas in the last 14 days
  • Everyone needs to practice social distancing by staying 1.5 metres apart at all times
  • A 5 metre distance between campsites is recommended
  • Bring your own utensils if using the barbecue
  • Although we’ve supplied some disinfectants, please bring your own (septic safe) products and clean any surface you use immediately after use.
  • Only club members can attend the lease
  • Wash hands regularly and practice good hygiene
  • We recommend you download the CovidSafe App to your phone
  • Don’t share happy hour (or any other food) outside your own household members
  • There’s no need to contact Trevor for bookings now but everyone needs to sign on when they arrive and depart the lease on a new form that is available at the lease
  • Club trips are still limited to ten people as they are considered a group activity, so if you want to go for a drive as a group, it will need to be limited to ten people

Kind regards

Faye Goodman