Cells river Trip Report

18-19th April 2015!

Hosted by TC and Faye!

Convoy                                                                                                                                                       TC and Faye challenger                                                                                                                           Bev prado                                                                                                                                             Grant and his mrs patrol                                                                                                                 Mark and Liz troopie                                                                                                                     Glenn and Clarissa patrol                                                                                                             Lachlan and his mrs patrol                                                                                                               Chilly discovery

As we didn’t fancy waking up early we decided to stay at a B&B ten minutes away from Gloucester. To our understanding the meeting point was in the car park ( “the carpark in the centre of town!”) it just so happens that Gloucester has ” several car parks in the centre of town!” You do the math, we were late!

After a brief chat and convoy positions sorted (Land Rover bringing up the rear!) we were off, and headed towards bakers creek and blue knob lookout. The weather which didn’t seem so promising ended up PERFECT!!!  With amazing views from blue knob lookout, from the fire tower all the way out to the ocean.

Onwards towards potaroo falls and tapin tops picnic area for morning tea. After a quick coffee and a snack it was all up hill in low range first gear.

Along the route we encountered the old mine shaft occupied by micro bats and glow worms. More than a few dips in and out of cells river, and various fallen trees on the track. And many obstacles that required spotting.

Next up was lunch at ” The Hilton!” Where slight technical adjustments had to be preformed on our landcruiser. (Loose sway bar bush!) on looked by snap happy patrol owners!!

After lots more low range, hills and river crossings day one came to a draw where it was time to air up and come back onto bitumen. Unfortunately this is where  we had to say goodbye and go our separate ways. As we headed home we could still hear excited radio chatter as the rest of the group headed into camp, to set up and light a fire just in time for happy hour!!

We hope day two was as good as day one! And once again a great trip by TC and Faye! We are sure everyone enjoyed it as much as we did and we look forward to the next adventure!!!

Mark and Liz